Birth Control Sponge (Today Sponge)

What is a Birth Control Sponge?

The sponge (also known as the Today Sponge) is a squishy porous foam object which is inserted into the vagina ahead of intercourse. It is made of plastic foam and incorporates spermicide to immobilize sperm because it is available in touch with the sponge.

The sponge is in most cases around 2 inches in diameter and features a nylon loop which is used to easily take away it from the vagina after intercourse.

It in most cases prices between $0-15 for a package of 3, depending to your location. It is bought at most drug stores and you don’t want a prescription to buy it.

How do Birth Control Sponges Prevent Pregnancy?

Sponges save you being pregnant by means of masking the cervix and blocking off sperm from entering the uterus. By inserting the sponge deep into the vagina prior to intercourse, sperm are blocked and can’t enter the uterus. In addition, the sponge releases spermicide all over intercourse, which helps to keep the sperm from transferring.

How are Birth Control Sponges Used?

  1. Wash arms totally with cleaning soap and water earlier than touching the sponge.
  2. Wet the sponge with a little of water ahead of insertion.
  3. Squeeze the sponge to let the water soak in, activating the spermicide.
  4. Fold the perimeters of the sponge with the nylon loop dealing with downward.
  5. Insert the sponge so far as you’ll be able to reach into the vagina.
  6. Ensure that the sponge is resting firmly against the cervix by way of sliding your finger across the edge.

For extra main points you’ll be able to practice the directions equipped in the bundle.

What are the Benefits?

Out of all the delivery keep watch over options, the sponge is one of the perfect to make use of and causes the least hurt for your hormonal stability (along with male condoms and feminine condoms).

In addition, different benefits are as follows:

• Safe, convenient, and simple to make use of
• No impact on hormones
• No prescription required
• Good for steady use (will also be re-used for up to a 24 hour length)
• Contains no estrogen (for ladies who’re breastfeeding)
• No primary risks or well being considerations

What are the Disadvantages?

The sponge does not offer protection to from sexually transmitted diseases. Therefore, if infections are a priority, you need to use sponges with an alternate type of delivery regulate reminiscent of condoms.

The sponge may be difficult for some women to insert and remove accurately. If you might be unable to take away it, or if it comes aside whilst inserted within the vagina, you will have to right away search clinical help. If the sponge is left within the vagina for over 30 hours, the chance for toxic surprise syndrome is higher.

In addition, the sponge would possibly exchange the moisture prerequisites of sex. This makes sexual studies both too dry (growing friction) or too wet (slightly messy). Some ladies have also complained of vaginal inflammation after the usage of the sponge.

As with maximum delivery keep watch over strategies, it gets more uncomplicated to make use of the sponge through the years and with practice.

How Effective is the Birth Control Sponge?

The effectiveness of the delivery keep watch over sponge can shift significantly in line with whether or not the lady has given start earlier than.

• nine out of 100 girls gets pregnant if they at all times use the sponge accurately and feature by no means given birth sooner than
• 12 out of 100 ladies will get pregnant if they do not all the time use the sponge appropriately and have by no means given delivery prior to
• 20 out of 100 ladies will get pregnant if they at all times use the sponge as it should be and have given delivery ahead of
• 24 out of 100 girls gets pregnant if they do not all the time use the sponge appropriately and feature given delivery before

These numbers are in response to using the sponge as the only type of contraceptive (no other types of birth regulate applied).

Therefore, the sponge is more practical when the use of a condom or pulling out sooner than ejaculation.

How Safe is the Sponge?

For most women, the sponge is an excessively safe type of birth keep an eye on.

However, for some, the sponge may cause clinical headaches. It should not be utilized by other people with allergies to sulfa drugs, polyurethane, or spermicide. The sponge too can pose a small risk of poisonous surprise syndrome, which might happen if the girl has any more or less vaginal bleeding. Therefore it can’t be used when you have your duration.

In addition, don’t use the sponge in case you have:

• Recently given delivery
• Had an abortion
• A history of poisonous surprise syndrome
• Had the sponge in for over 30 hours
• Any reproductive tract infections

Tips for Using Birth Control sponges

When the usage of a sponge, it’s possible you’ll need to have a water based lubricant on hand. This will be helpful if the sponge makes the sexual experience dry or uncomfortable.

In order to further cut back the chance of pregnancy, using a condom or the pull out method along with a sponge is a good technique.

The sponge may also be purchased over the counter at your local drug pharmacy or drug retailer, and not using a prescription.

Where To Purchase Today Sponge

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