Why Saffron Is the Most Expensive Spice in the World

A Couple pounds of the spice could set you again 1000 of bucks.

Italian risotto, Spanish paella, and Indian curry all have something in common—saffron. People know the spice as a result of its very distinct taste, vivid color, and top price. Quality saffron can price round $3,000 for simply two pounds.

Saffron’s popularity as the most costly spice on this planet is as a result of the rising procedure. Only a small part of the saffron flower—the stigmata—is in fact used for the spice. So it takes some 75,000 saffron plant life to make just one pound of spice. The stigmata is refined, so harvesting and drying them is a pricey, handbook task. These are the 10 maximum overpriced meals you’ll find on eating place menus.

The plant is solely as delicate as the stigmata itself. It handiest grows under very specific conditions, blooming for only one week of the 12 months. They develop the best possible in complete sun and well-drained, wealthy soil in an area that’s dry in the summer. Indian, Iranian, and Spanish saffrons are the most well liked types, although Americans most commonly acquire the Spanish selection.

People are willing to pay such a lot for saffron because of the reported health advantages and hard-to-describe taste. Research displays saffron may fortify temper, reduce PMS signs, help weight loss, and more. In the previous, the traditional Greeks, Chinese, and Indians used the spice for everything from perfume to scientific potions, too. Here are 10 different therapeutic herbs and spices.

If you take a look at cooking with saffron, be sure no longer to buy the ground variety. Some dealers cut it with other spices like turmeric or paprika. Instead, buy from a faithful vendor. This saffron has 850 very best buyer critiques and received’t cost a fortune. Don’t miss those 21 commonplace food myths that are wildly untrue.