Use This Secret Ingredient for the Best Grilled Cheese Sandwiches Ever

Slather bread with this condiment (as a substitute of the expected butter!) to cook up the most productive grilled cheese you’ve ever tasted.

Chances are, you like a just right grilled cheese sandwich up to we do. But with a couple of tweaks—including one super easy substitution—you’ll be able to take the vantage tomato soup pairing to new heights.

First, we’ll have to cover the fundamentals: bread and cheese. Start by considering beyond white bread. We favor a dense, chewy Italian bread for our grilled cheese sandwiches, however it’s fun to experiment. Try ciabatta, pumpernickel, sourdough, or multigrain.

You too can experiment with different types of cheese; Monterrey Jack, Swiss, and Colby are well-liked alternatives. We suggest a few wild cards. Cheese curds, for instance, work nicely as a result of they haven’t yet been pressed into form, and so they get ooey-gooey fast. Others to take a look at: Gruyere (it pairs properly with sweet and salty flavors like ham and raspberry preserves), extra-sharp cheddar (for the stretchy cheese revel in), and fontina (for its easy, nutty flavor). Learn the one method this professional chef will make grilled cheese.

No subject which bread-and-cheese combo you’ve selected, you’ll need to take advantage of this next-level grilled cheese hack: Slather mayonnaise instead of butter at the outsides of the bread. This tasty trick gives the Sammie a crisp, tangy outer crust, which enhances the melted cheesy goodness bubbling within.

Mayonnaise is already decrease in fats and calories than butter is, however that is no time for diet-think. Light mayo received’t crisp up, so use a tablespoon of a full-fat variety like this one, divided in part for every facet. Don’t pass over these other cooking tricks which might be most effective taught in culinary schools.

As an advantage, mayonnaise is fatty sufficient to prevent sandwiches from sticking to uncoated pans. You can undoubtedly go with nonstick (like this one), however even uncoated griddles and skillets are A-OK. Either means, you’ll flip conveniently.

Place one piece of bread, mayo-side down, in a sizzling pan. Pile on the cheese. Top with the second slice of bread, mayo side up. Gently press the sandwich with a spatula to make sure the ground slice of bread is in complete contact with the pan. This helps to make sure even browning. When the bottom of the sandwich is well-browned, flip it over to toast the other facet. Shoot for a gorgeous golden color before disposing of it from the pan.

Take a bite! We ensure you’ll be pleased by the audible crunch and the piquant punch emitted through one of the crucial absolute best grilled cheese sandwiches you’ve ever eaten. And if you wish to dress it up, check out this grilled cheese recipe collection for inspiration. These sandwiches undoubtedly belong with those 35 crucial recipes everybody must know by the point they’re 35.