spermicide gel
spermicide gel

What is Spermicide?

It is a substance which reduces the danger of being pregnant via heavily decreasing sperm movement. It normally comes in the type of cream, gel, foam, film or suppositories.

spermicide gel

Spermicide is usually used together with other beginning keep an eye on strategies, however it could possibly additionally reduce the danger of being pregnant on its own.

How Does It Prevent Pregnancy?

Spermicide is inserted into the vagina before sex. This prevents being pregnant through restricting the movement of sperm and holding them from fertilizing an egg.

It blocks the cervix in order that sperm can’t reach an egg, while also combating the sperm from shifting in order that they cannot join the egg. This lowers the chance of pregnancy.

What Are the Benefits?

The benefits are as follows:

• Easy to use
• Convenient
• No impact on hormones
• No prescription required
• Can be used throughout breastfeeding

What Are the Disadvantages?

When used on it’s personal, as the one type of start control, spermicide is not as effective as other delivery control methods. However, you’ll be able to combine it with another form of beginning control (like a Cervical Cap) for upper protection levels. This is very advisable.

It can also be messy and simple to misuse. It needs to be carried out utterly over the cervix for maximum effectiveness.

In addition, it might probably purpose irritation to a couple users. If users revel in irritation on their penis or vagina while the usage of a definite logo, they should imagine switching brands. Those with HIV should be especially careful, as it could possibly irritate tissue making it easier to transmit HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases (STD’s).

As with most sorts of delivery keep watch over, it does no longer reduce the danger of contracting STD’s. If infection is a concern, use a male condom or female condom as smartly.

How Effective is Spermicide?

When using it on it’s personal, with out some other form of beginning regulate, it’s not very effective.

• Among ladies who at all times use it appropriately, 15 out of 100 will change into pregnant
• Among girls who do not always use it correctly, 29 out of 100 will become pregnant

This is why it is very important use spermicide at the side of different delivery regulate options, like a Cervical Cap.

Is it Safe?

It is typically secure for anyone to use. However, some people experience inflammation. This is especially relating to for those prone to STD’s.

Read in the course of the disadvantages above for more information.

How do I Use it?

It is used quite another way in accordance with the kind you buy (film, cream, gel, and many others). For very best practices, always observe the instructions on the packaging.

Most forms require you to squat or lay down. Then, the usage of your finger or an applicator, gently insert the spermicide deep into your vagina.

You will have to wait a minimum of 10 minutes between applying it and having sex. It in most cases stays effective for one hour after insertion, but you need to practice extra every time you’ve gotten sex.

Additional Tips

It is among the best when used along with every other delivery keep an eye on approach.

Wait 10 mins after software ahead of having intercourse.

Insert a new amount sooner than each and every time you have got intercourse.

Do not douche not up to 6-eight hours after intercourse. Otherwise it will compromise the effectiveness.