Birth Control Patch

Birth Control Patch
Birth Control Patch

What is a Birth Control Patch?

A beginning keep watch over patch is often referred to as Ortho Evra (or Evra patch). The beige patch sticks to the skin and is helping prevent pregnancy. The patch is applied to the outside as soon as every week for 3 weeks immediately. The forth week does now not require a patch.

It is important to notice that the Ortho Evra patch has recently been replaced with the Xulane patch, because of a brand new manufacturing company. If you presently use the Ortho Evra patch, please consultant a doctor to modify over to the Xulane patch.

The value of maximum patches is $0-80 in step with field. However, the full value is dependent upon your location and your medical insurance protection.

Other efficient methods, which release the same hormones as the patch, are the vaginal ring and start regulate capsules.

Read about each beginning regulate option and visit your physician to make a decision on the most productive one on your particular frame.

How Does the Contraceptive Patch Prevent Pregnancy?

The patch releases hormones, similar to different beginning regulate methods.

These hormones are chemical substances that regulate different parts of the frame, helping to prevent ladies from turning into pregnant.

How do I Use the Patch?

The patch may also be applied at the skin of your outer arm, abdomen, again or buttocks. It must be carried out once a week, for 3 weeks straight. Then you might have one week without a patch on in any respect.

It’s that simple, but be sure the patch doesn’t fall off and don’t forget to modify it after the seven days.

The first day that you simply observe the patch is thought of as your “patch day.” This day determines which day of the week you are going to be converting your patch.

During the patch-less week, you are going to perhaps have your period. If you might be still bleeding when your new patch day comes around, this is thought of as standard, just observe a new patch in keeping with your weekly schedule.

What are the Benefits Of the Patch?

The Birth Control Patch is easy and protected to use. It does not need to be adjusted or taken day-to-day (like start control capsules). It’s pain-free and really low upkeep. Also, it’s one of the vital extra handy strategies, since you can practice it your self and don’t need to schedule a medical doctors appointment.

In addition, some women document more common, lighter, and shorter periods whilst the usage of the patch.

The patch additionally is helping to give protection to in opposition to:

• Acne
• Headaches/depressions
• Pelvic inflammatory disease
• Iron deficiency
• Bone thinning
• Menstrual cramps
• Breasts growths (not most cancers)
• Cysts positioned in breasts and ovaries
• Infection found within the uterus, tubes and ovaries
• Ovarian and endometrial cancers
• Ectopic being pregnant

What are the Side Effects of the Patch?

Some women would possibly experience some unwanted unintended effects from using the patch. However, most ladies alter to the patch inside of a few months of using it. This is identical with other kinds of delivery keep an eye on too.

The most not unusual unintended effects of the patch include:

• vomiting and nausea
• comfortable breasts
• bleeding between classes

It is also conceivable that the patch might reason a lady’s sexual want to lower over time since the patch impacts her hormones.

In addition, the outside would possibly develop into annoyed or have a response to where the patch is placed on the frame.

Once a girl stops the usage of the patch it may well take one or two months for the period cycle to get back to normal.

More critical negative effects have warning indicators. If you revel in any of the problems beneath, contact your well being care provider right away:

• hassle respiring
• sore legs
• very unhealthy complications that come on suddenly
• strange headaches that occur extra continuously or are worse than customary
• yellowing of eyes or skin
• serious chest or stomach pain
• no period after having a duration incessantly
• seeing bright, flashing zigzag strains (usually prior to a foul headache)

How Effective is the Patch?

When the patch is applied to the skin appropriately, for the three week period, it is over 99% efficient at fighting pregnancy. This is because it permits the correct unencumber of hormones into the frame.

• Out of 100 ladies, less than 1 will get pregnant if the patch is used as directed
• Out of 100 women, about 9 women gets pregnant if they don’t all the time use the patch as directed

The patch can also be less efficient for girls who are overweight or for women taking other medications and supplements. Talk to your physician about which drugs you are recently taking and if these will have an effect on the patch.

The patch does not give protection to towards STI’s, so a male condom or feminine condom must be used to reduce the risk of infections.

How Safe is the Patch?

Most women can use the delivery control patch safely, but there are some risks related to it. More severe uncomfortable side effects of the patch are uncommon and are caused by way of other clinical stipulations or drugs that the woman is taking. Contact a doctor or nurse for more info about if the patch is best for you and your particular frame.

You will have to no longer be the use of the patch in case you are:

• Pregnant
• On extended bed relaxation
• Smoker (35+ years previous)
• Have had:

• Serious heart valve problems
• Heart attack, angina, or stroke
• Liver or breast cancer
• Vein irritation or blood clots
• Blood-clotting issues (inherited)
• Migraine complications with aura
• Live disease (critical)
• High blood power (uncontrolled)
• Diabetes (severe case)

Tips for Using the Birth Control Patch

The patch might come off, but it simply sticks back on.

If it does come off and isn’t sticking anymore, do the following:

• Less than 48 hours:
• Apply a brand new patch and remove it when it must be modified on patch day

• More than 48 hours:
• Apply a new patch for one week directly and the date you implemented the new patch will change into the new patch day
• Use a backup solution to avoid pregnancy corresponding to a condom, feminine condom, sponge, or diaphragm (for 7 days)

If you observe the patch overdue, practice the steps beneath:

• Less than 48 hours:
• Apply a new patch and continue until patch day

• More than 48 hours:
• Apply a new patch and use this date as the brand new patch day
• Use a backup means for the next 7 days

If you omit to take your patch off throughout week 4, just remember to take it off and practice a brand new patch when the brand new week starts (on patch day)..